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Insurance solutions

A complex industry

While every industry has its own involved processes and scenarios, it is undeniable that the Insurance sector is one of the leaders in terms of complexity.

Insurance, along its younger brother insurtech, has always benefited from any kind of process automation. If sometimes it has been perceived that the industry is behind others in terms of technology and innovation it's because of its sheer complexity.

algonew helps in moving away from confusion and costly processes and providing clarity and efficiency,

Product explanations

If a customer is not familiar with the product, and few of them are, a number of questions come to mind both when buying a policy or through its life.

Every customer relationship center in the industry know the kind of questions a typical customer or prospect asks. Questions related to the coverage, maturity, surrender, etc. A virtual customer assistant can be both satisfying to the customer and efficient for the insurer, leaving the hardest interactions for the more specialised human agents


The various processes of handling claims can be relatively complex in terms of information, phases, documentation, etc. Moreover, many times the client is not at his/her best after this kind of unfortunate event has happenned. The customer may not be in a good mood to wait or dialog with a rigid answering system.

Add to this that accidents or damage events occur at any hour of the day. The company cannot constrain to claiming within business hours if assistance to file a claim is needed, and that may be costly.

Talk to us to find ways to improve your customer service through artificial intelligence and natural language processing in your operation. We typically perform a business review to identify the potential areas of improvement and then propose a specific action plan.