Our vision

How several drivers

are meeting at a crossroad

and are changing how we operate

The drivers of change

A number of results of recent technological progress are converging to transform the world in ways that seemed pure fiction a decade ago.

Along with these developments rises the challenge to take advantage of all the available possibilities. This is the domain of action of algonew. Some of the more significant drivers follow.

team hands

team hands
Big Data

The exponential explosion of data comes from the accessibiliy of many more data sources as well as from the appearance of new tehcnical infrastrcuture to process it.

Given the fact that human mind cannot graps the new dimensions of available data, the need to analyse it, model it and use it to support decision making becomes even more critical than before.

Machine Learning

The combination of increased computing power and new or revisited algorithms has produced a new generation of data scientists with an impressive toolbox at their disposal and hungry to find real world problems where to apply their knowledge.

One of the axes of algonew's mission lies in channelling this intellectual power towards the solution of real world problems, mproving business efficiency or finding enabling ways of doing business.

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team hands

The way we conduct businesses and personal life is in the middle of a phenomenal transformation. Digital devices have spread farther than the personal computer did, there is a generation of native digital citizens and obsolescence hits proven ways of doing business everyday.

Digitalisation is enabled by the existence of digital devices and communications. But to make the best use of it we need more than traditional applications. We need intelligent processes throught the application of analytical methods to the available data.

Software as a Service

Cloud processing allows to externalise hardware platforms as well as applications or even functions. Several reasons can be found behind its growth. Specialisation, for one, but also response speed and cost control as internal data processing center are swamped with hidden costs.

We at algonew believe than a modern technological propostion has to offer managed software services in the cloud as part of its general offer with the highest standards of service level in all its facets.

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team hands
Access to technology

The dissemination of science and technology is now faster than ever. This is supported by things like the information access provided by the internet and the vigorous Open Source movement. Both features allow for a very fast exchange of news among the interested players, which in turn leads to new developments.

Today research and development is a mixture of internal hard work and continuous technology monitoring. All this keeping a critical eye to ascertain what is relevant to your mission and what is not. For algonew R&D is part of our reason of being.

Privacy laws

The average citizen has felt some discomfort at the potentials of Artificial Intelligence especially when her/his own data is been processed. This has led to a number of regulatory initiatives, one of the most notable results being the EU GDPR

This driver acts counterbalancing some of the drivers previously mentioned. Business and technology providers need to keep a privacy perspective along the whole cycle, from data preparation for modeling, to the model implementation and monitoring, including the hardware platform selected to process, be it on premises or SaaS.

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