algonew: the story

algonew is the new chapter

in a consistent string of successful

global technology ventures

algonew is an Analytics and Artificial Intelligence startup based in Madrid (Spain) with focus in Natural Language Processing and global reach. The company is led by Ángel Salamanca and benefits from the contribution of seasoned partners in the B2B arena. Ángel recently closed a successful entrepreuner phase in decision technology company Modellica.

With a quantitative and software background, it never occured to him that his career was going to turn to technology entrepreunership. But from the beginning he was surrounded by sucessful entrepreunership stories: MSL Software, now part of Atos or CP Informática de Seguros, today integrated in Indra.

It was when he led the Spanish operations of Scorex, an initiative by Jean-Michel Trousse, that he lived in first person all the challenges of growing a decision technology company working for large banks and telecom operators. Scorex was a global success and was later acquired by giant Experian.

The time came to create a new company, and that was Modellica, another decision technology company who had to compete against players many times its size. Ángel and his super-motivated and skilled team delivered solutions adopted by banks in 30 countries in mission critical decision processes. As part of the GDS group, such success was recently endorsed by private equity firm Serent Capital. In the Modellica period, he also participated in the launch phase of another two sucessful business projects: Verifica led by José Ignacio Arribas and Copernicus, promoted by José Néstola.

So why pushing for algonew? Rather than sticking with an existing and sucessful operation, we thought the time was ripe to widen the scope of the services and solutions. The various drivers mention in our Vision webpage are incentive for innovation, not for conformism. The most recent experience shows what an enthusiast and prepared team can deliver and algonew wants to repeat and augment the experience. If you feel like partnering with us as a client, an employee or a business partner, please let us know.