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Industry challenges

Everybody has a website but do customers keep using it? Moreover, how effectively can retailers convert visits and searches into actual sales and loyal customers?

With thinner operational margins how can today's retailers adapt and respond adequately to customer queries while keeping costs under control?

How can retailers figure out customer satisfaction corresponding to certain products, customer segments or specific individuals? Can we convert contact center interaction or messagging into actual market intelligence?

Conversational product discovery

Customers look at retailers as more than big stock holders. When a customer focuses on a particular product or porduct category a number of questions come tho his/her mind and the role of the retailer is to answer them and facilitate the sale.

Sometimes the sheer dimension of the retailer catalog make it very expensive to deal with all customer queries. Sometimes it is the complexity of the product which makes it challenging. However the relevant data is stored somehow in the retailer databases, so a question like What is the less expensive TV set with a screen of 40 inches and 3 HDMI outlets? can be perfectly handled by a conversational UI powered search engine.

Sentiment analysis

The unstructured data collected by voice and text channels can be converted into a valuable source of insight if the proper technologies are deployed.

Today it is possible to categorise opinions, experiences, likes, etc. into findings that can be labelled as negative or positive within a certain scale. This feedback can then be converted into actions about product promotion or renewal, customer retention tactics and other competitive strategies.

The trend towards implementing natural language understanding is unstoppable and the sooner retailers embrace it the better.