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Stories based on facts

Giving opinions and expressing points of view lie fully in the domain of human writers.

However the world is producing information at a rate that we humans cannot keep up with by using traditional approaches. Fact discovery, early trend detection, identification of relevant information are areas where technology can support the news professional.

Our role at algonew is providing you with technological and natural language tools in order to support your reporting activity.

Financial reporting

How can we close the gap from a boring, even overwhelming, table full of economic data and an attractive yet factual writeup that will engage and inform many more readers?

A properly designed natural language generation strategy combined with complementing visualisation elements will transform unreadable reports into informative and attractive stories. Facts, trends and comparisons can provide the reader with a deep insight of what the initial financial report would have failed to achieve


The world of sports is increasingly more surrounded by data. Many measures of the last game, trends, comparison, statistics are becoming as interesting fot the reader as the actual performance itself.

At the same time many competitions, major or not, are storing lots of information that properly exploited can complement a story.

algonew will work with you to produce high quality stories that are at the same time accurate and attractive for your readers.