Can we help with Digitalization?

Automated reading of images

containing documents

to accelerate CRM processes

Natural language understanding image

Favoring the digital channel

In many customer interactions there is the need for the user to provide documentation for identification or other purposes.

Universal access to smartphone facilitates the ability of taking pictures of the document and send them over the network. However if the process continues with a manual handling of the image we are moving away from a digital process.

Our specialised algorithms, which blend AI-based Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing can help you achieve full digitalization.

Productive business processes

With our automation technology your business processes acquire a faster turnaround.

The process of the image and the semantic conversion of the textual data into structured, processable text information requires one or two seconds. This is not only beneficial to your bottom line but also increases customer satisfaction.

Besides, your processes become easily scalable, avoiding growth bottlenecks, with diminishing marginal costs, and this benefits even batch processes.

Variety of eligible documents

The kind of documents which can get the benefit of this intelligent processing covers a wide range of real life documental pieces.

From identification documents (national id cards, driver licenses, passports) to payroll slips, bank certificates, invoices or expense tickets.

Every time you add one category of documents to the process, your operation becomes smarter.