Overhelmed by an email avalanche?

Instead of handling every email manually

automate email classification,

routing and handling

Natural language understanding image

Many customers prefer email

Customer relationship centers have to respond to client requests regardless of the communication channel.

For many customers email is the preferred choice. However reading each email, deciding which team has to deal with it and taking the appropriate action is costly and not necessarilly fast.

This has an impact in your bottom line and also in customer satisfaction.

Email classification

As operating teams scan all received emails one by one, they have to decide what every email is about.

This goes beyond just understanding the subject of the message and the body of the message has to be read as well. Normally such tasks are very time consuming.

Why not resorting to NLU techniques to automatically classify incoming emails with high accuracy as they arrive?

Would not that be cheaper and faster in terms of response times?

Email handling

Of course, classifying mails is not enough. But once classified, the company may implement the appropriate action depending on the identified email topic.

Some emails may require an immediate reply thorugh email or SMS. Some other could be diverted to a chatbot for further services. Possibly some more complicated situations should be routed to an experiences human agent. Maybe some Robot Process Automation (RPA) could be appropriate.

In any case, the outcome is directly reflected in your bottom line and your customers' satisfaction. Talk to us to understand how can we help you in managing you inbound email traffic at a scale.