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Contact centers


What follows will sound familiar to any contact center operations manager. Staff turnover is high and constant recruiting and training is a continuous concern.

Most operations are pretty seasonal, whether we talk about customer care, collections or tele sales. Sometimes this is addresses by bringing temporary employees to the team who may need time to match the proficiency of trained agents, who are so busy they can hardly spare time to train them.

What is needed is a challenging balance between staff preparation, customer satisfaction, and operating costs.

Adapt to the emotional situation

Traditional contact centers where voice is the most used communication channel store a wealth of customer information that can be analysed to get actionable insights. Not only voice can be encoded as text, but emotions can be also analysed and messages or clients can be segmented by emotional status.

But text messages stored through chat rooms, email exchanges and other text based channels constitute another source of very valuable data that can be analysed to help understand the actual customer intent and drive the conversation through the proper mix of automatic and human channels.

The right mix

As long as the queries are simple, automated dialog can satisfy customers even faster than human agents.

We believe it is critical to determine the right distribution of work bewtween conversational UI and human agents for interactions with customers.

Automated dialogs can provide quick answers any time of the day. For more complex requests human staff is better equipped.

algonew can partner with you to unleash the power of customer communications and make your contact center more efficient.